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Meet your Tutors
Thyme Porter.jpg


Tutoring Coordinator

Academic Tutor: K-12 English/Language Arts, K-6 Math, Study and Organization Skills

Hi, I'm Thyme. I am studying English Education at BYU-Idaho. I will be graduating May of 2020 with plans to begin teaching middle school in the fall. I love seeing the moment of understanding that student's experience when what they're learning beings to make sense. I also enjoy watching their academic transformation as they become more confident in their understanding and ability. Ultimately, I would love for all of my students to become confident in their academic abilities and succeed as much as possible.

Zach Havlovick.jpg


Academic Tutor: Advanced Math and Science

Hi, I'm Zach. I received my Bachelor of Science is Biochemistry from Idaho State University in 2016. I am currently applying to medical schools with a long-term dream of becoming a Physician. I enjoy showing the students a better, easier way to learn the material and do the work. I also enjoy showing students that beauty and application to be found in math and science. My ultimate goal is to empower my pupils to succeed and maybe even show them a litany of new avenues in their life that they never thought possible.



Academic Tutor: Advanced Math and Science

Hi, I'm Monica.

I earned my degree in Neuroscience and Biology from Purdue University in 2019.  In addition to tutoring math and science at Maggie's Place, I am the Interpretive programs coordinator at the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park.  I enjoy working at Maggie's Place Learning Center because it is fun, challenging, and engaging.  I enjoy connecting with all the students, and helping them reach their fullest potential. Maggie's Place Learning Centers have a great workplace culture and I believe we have great resources to help each student grow.                                                                          


Academic Tutor: K-8 All subjects


Hi, I'm Ashley. I recently graduated from BYU-I a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in science. Starting fall 2020, I plan to have my very own classroom doing what I love; teaching the future generation to be strong, independent, caring, future leaders of our world. I hope to inspire my students to be the best version of themselves they can be. Working with my tutoring students is so much fun. I love seeing things they struggle with become things they excel at. The staff that works here is like family. I always look forward to coming into work!