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Idaho Falls Tutoring Center

2285 E. 25th Street, Ste 100

(208) 502-1112

Meet your Tutors

Tutoring Coordinator
Academic Tutor: K-12 English/Language Arts, K-12 Math, Study and Organization Skills

Degree: BA in Anthropology from Arizona State University

Minor: Art History

I really enjoy tutoring Language Arts, as it explores various aspects of language and communication, and that I get to help kids learn to read or improve their reading and comprehension skills. I also tutor at various levels of Math, where I like to use hands learning tools, and/or games that might be helpful. I also enjoy finding ways to incorporate history, science, or any topics that a specific student may enjoy or find interest in, as a way of improving their retention and reading skills. I can also help with improving skills relating to organization, planning, note-taking and study skills.

My long term goals include pursuing a career in museums, conservation, and/or archaeology, with interest in pursuing a GIS certification and a masters degree. I am currently working on becoming a certified history teacher as I would love to be able to share my passion on human history, and to build my stronger knowledge base for my long term goals.


Academic Tutor: K-12 English/Language Arts, K-12 Math

I am super excited to be working with Maggie's Place Tutoring! My name is Maddie Jacobson. I am from Rigby, Idaho but I have lived in Rexburg attending Brigham Young University-Idaho for several years studying Humanities and Child Development. I hope to someday tutor for a profession and have my own homeschooling center. I have spent the last few years working with children in different fields and have been loving it! I enjoy tutoring because I feel like I am able to understand the different ways children learn and can help cater to their needs. I also enjoy learning new things myself and I get the chance to learn a lot as a tutor. I hope to help make a difference at Maggie's Place Tutoring.


Academic Tutor:

Hi, I'm Keaton, a Senior who loves English, Math and Science and helping others learn about them! I tutor all different ages and hope to create a fun environment for all where we can relate personal interests to tough concepts. I currently enjoy many hobbies and interests, to name a few, tennis and wrestling. I plan on going to college and getting a degree in Computational Biology, and continuing to learn and help others learn throughout my life.

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