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Meet your Tutors

Tutoring Coordinator
Academic Tutor: K-12 English/Language Arts, K-6 Math, Study and Organization Skills

BA in Anthropology from Arizona State University.

Minor in Art History with a focus on archaeology and museum studies.


I really enjoy tutoring English, language arts, and reading. I find language in itself very interesting and I enjoy helping kids learn to read. I have also been tutoring various levels of math and like to incorporate hands on learning or games where I can to help.

I would like to pursue a career in a museum or as an archaeologist so I hope to be able to next pursue a GIS certification and a masters degree. I am also looking at the becoming a certified history teacher!


Academic Tutor: Advanced Math and Science

BYU, Exercise Science, 2026

I love tutoring because I get to help students grow and understand the subjects they’re doing and build awesome friendships with all of them! It feels so good to see a student start to excel at a subject or problem they once struggled with!

I want to get my personal trainer certification and go to med school to become an orthopedic surgeon.


Academic Tutor: Advanced Math and Science

Hi, I'm Monica.

I earned my degree in Neuroscience and Biology from Purdue University in 2019.  In addition to tutoring math and science at Maggie's Place, I am the Interpretive programs coordinator at the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park.  I enjoy working at Maggie's Place Learning Center because it is fun, challenging, and engaging.  I enjoy connecting with all the students, and helping them reach their fullest potential. Maggie's Place Learning Centers have a great workplace culture and I believe we have great resources to help each student grow.                                                                          

Academic Tutor: Advanced Math and Science, ACT/SAT Prep, English Language Arts


BYU-I, Marriage and Family Studies, 2023


I believe that besides just teaching grit and perseverance, a good education should enable children to 1) integrate logical thinking habits, 2) master communication techniques, and 3) become problem-solvers. I tutor because, in a small way, it allows me to help young people become self-sufficient and prepared to grow. That's the same reason I am pursuing a human services degree (Marriage and Family Studies). I hope to empower children and youth through interventions and family therapy; I hope to teach people how to succeed through whatever challenges life has given them.