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 Pocatello Tutoring Center

427 N. Main St. Suite H,

Pocatello, ID 83204

(208) 502-1112

Meet your Tutors
Abby Couch.jpg

Ms. Abby
Academic Tutor
All Subjects, K-12

Hi, my name's Ms. Abby,


Currently I'm attending Idaho State University School. I am interested in becoming a doctor, or going into finance- I know, they're polar opposites!

After graduation, I may decide to continue my education, but I would also love to spend some time visiting new places.


What I enjoy most about tutoring is a good challenge and the opportunity to help others love learning as much as I do.

Lindy Thurgood.JPG

Ms. Lindy
Academic Tutor
All Subjects, K-12

Hi, I'm Ms. Lindy!


Originally I am from the Boise area. Currently I am attending Idaho State University and majoring in mathematics with a minor in computer science. After completing my degree I plan to go into data analytics. I enjoy seeing how things work together and build on each other. I find these connections help me study and apply what I am learning in my classes.


One of my favorite things about tutoring is that I get to help students make these connections for themselves and find the joy that comes from learning!

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