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Meet your Tutors

Whitney - All Subjects K-12

Hi, I'm Whitney. I am from Colorado originally, but moved to Pocatello from Nampa, Idaho. I'm attending Idaho State University in hopes to obtain my degree in exercise science. My end goal is to become a physical therapist. I love being active and exploring the outdoors as much as I can. I also really love seeing people improve, which is why I love tutoring! I've been tutoring from three years and counting. I love seeing progress made by the students, and knowing I was able to help them get there. 

Shelby - English, Language Arts K-12, Math K-9

Hi, I'm Shelby. I am studying Business Management and Marketing with a concentration in Human Resources Management. After graduation, I will be attending Colorado State University pursuing my graduate degree in Tourism Management. My love for mentoring and tutoring began when I volunteered in my mom's kindergarten classroom. Seeing a child light up because she just realized she can do something independently, without the help of another, is truly a priceless moment to experience. I hope to experience that moment with many students while here at Maggie's Place Learning Center. 

Jacob - Math K-12

Hi, I'm Jacob. I am currently studying finance to move towards my goal of being a private investor. I want to own real estate, restaurants, retail outlets, car dealerships and other commercial locations! I love tutoring math because I know how helpful it can be to develop those critical thinking skills in order to apply them to other real-world problems. It’s awesome when I get to see that “Ah-Hah!” moment, and I love working with students of all ages. I strive to make their learning experience fun, useful, and extremely personalized so that each session is as effective for them as possible.

Haley - All Subjects K-12

Hi, I'm Haley. I am studying Health Science and Spanish for the Health Professions here at Idaho State University. My end goal is to become a physical therapist who travels the world in my spare time. I have been working with kids since I started teaching swim lessons at the age of 16. I love to see the confidence in a child grow as they start to get comfortable with something that scared them before. 

Derek - Math K-12

Hi, I'm Derek.  I am from the small town of Paul, Idaho. My first ever job was working for my dad in his welding shop, and it sparked my interest enough that I decided to major in Mechanical Engineering. Math has always been interesting to me, especially all the uses from finding the area of a triangle to the hydrostatic pressure on the side of an aquarium. I love tutoring because I know how hard math can be and just because I suffered through it, doesn't mean others have to as well.