What makes Maggie's Place Learning Centers the best choice for academic tutoring?



We are committed first to the academic success of our students. When you need help, where are here to assess, put a plan together and work in supporting your student toward his or her goal. Your student is our number one priority.

Adaptive Software

We utilize world-class software to maximize learning and performance, including aimswebPlus, "a powerful and proven tool that informs instruction and improves student performance" and IXL, "an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive standard-aligned content."

K-12 All


We offer tutoring in all subjects, grades K-12, along with test prep for the ACT and the SAT. In addition, we offer support in Study Skills, overcoming test anxiety and building confidence.

A Focused Process

Our process is focused and includes (1) conducting a comprehensive initial assessment, (2) applying personalized and adaptive learning, and (3) regularly monitoring progress towards our goals. 

Dedicated &


Each student is assigned a dedicated tutor who will work in person, 1-on-1 at our tutoring centers. With an Individualized Learning Plan, we regularly measure our progress towards our goals.

Tutoring Expertise

Our tutors are highly accomplished in their academic areas of specialty, and work to connect with your student and their learning style.

Flexible and Affordable

Our flexible payment terms are a better option than other membership models of financing a long-term tutoring plan. You only pay for the time your student works with his or her tutor, and with discounted scheduling options, finding an affordable rate couldn't be easier. 

No Obligation Assessment

We offer a no cost, comprehensive academic assessment for students in grades K-12. This process identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses and will help us focus our tutoring plan and set our goals. 

We provide personalized academic tutoring that adapts to the individual needs of each student.


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Integrated Math I,II, III

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Advanced Math



English Language Arts

Homework Help

Organization and Study Skills


Advanced Reading

Advanced Math

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Advanced Homework Help

Advanced Study Skills

AP Class Support

Advanced Science


ACT Prep

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Robotics Camp

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